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Arizona Pigeon Control – Got Pigeons? Want them gone? We can help! Pest Pigeons are a growing problem in Phoenix Az. Bill’s Pest & Termite is your hometown bird exterminator and the solution to Pigeon infestations. We provide expert Arizona Pigeon Control services. Our services are safe, effective and affordable.  Most include a renewable warranty. For a free inspection, evaluation and/or second opinion give us a call today. #1 Arizona Pigeon Removal Service Phoenix Az.

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Feral Pigeons and the persistent issues they give local Phoenix home and business owners have grown to a point of concern.  Even more frightening is the problem is getting worse. Calls for pest Pigeons increase every year.  From a few calls a month to several calls a day.  As Phoenix has grown so has the need for Arizona Pigeon Control services.

Like most pests, Pigeons need shelter in the form of nesting opportunities, food, and water.  When they find nesting conditions near food and water their populations explode. Solar panels on rooftops provide ideal nesting.  Open trash cans with food inside or on the ground nearby will attract Pigeons.

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Once a flock takes up residence on a structure, it can be difficult to remove. If conditions conducive are identified and corrected early most infestations may go away.  Using deterrents, such as netting, bird wire and spikes may only move the problem around.  Getting rid of an established flock can be done with a little patience and time.

Effective Arizona Pigeon Control should start with a thorough inspection.  Distinguishing roosting from nesting is critical.  Locating food and moisture sources are important.  Cutting off food and water sources is an important first step.  Nesting and roosting areas should be evaluated in order to select proper corrective options.

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Bills Pest Termite Control Exterminator LogoBills Pest Control specializes in affordable Arizona Pigeon Control and Pigeon removal services. We can handle any pigeon problem on any type of property – whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial. No job is too big, small or complicated for our experienced technicians. We provide Pigeon clean up services, disinfecting and EPA approved disposal services.

Given the problems that Pigeons create the field of Pigeon exterminators is rapidly evolving. More treatment options and methods are available today than at any other time. We use the latest Pigeon control products and exclusion technology. Our expert exterminators can utilize their experience and the latest technology to deliver the solutions you want. Using an experienced and trained bird exterminator is important to your family, customers, workers, pets, home, and business.

If you’re looking to eliminate your bird problem quickly and humanely, we have a solution. Don’t ignore a problem with Pigeons. It will most likely not go away. In fact, the problem usually continues to get worse.  Don’t wait for sickness or injury to set in. Get help today!

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Rodney G @ J&G Management

Hired the experts at Bill’s to remove feral pigeons that were make a mess of our pool area. The service was comprehensive and worked according to the plan. Very impressive that Bill’s could actually get rid of the flock without putting up unsightly bird spikes and nets.  We recommend Bill’s and have since hired them for our other properties.  Good people!

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