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Termite Treatment quoteNeed Termite Services Arizona? We can help! Get expert service today from Arizona’s Termites Experts – Bills Pest Termite Control.  Family owned and locally operated.

“Termites cause more damage to homes in Arizona than all other events combined.”

Arizona is home to over 17 different types of termites and the reputation of destruction extends across the United States. The threat is so real that finding insurance to protect against damage is almost impossible. Given this threat termite services Arizona have been in demand since the arrival of early settlers.

Termite services Arizona have always been in demand and depending upon yearly rainfall totals calls for service can be range from moderate to high.  Effective termite services Arizona must start with a thorough inspection by an experienced exterminator.

Not all termites in Arizona are the same and not all types build those tell-tale mud tubes on the outside of a home. While all types of these critters share an appetite for cellulose or wood products each species is unique.  Depending upon the type a structure can be invaded from underground, above ground, via flight or unknowingly brought inside hidden within infested wood.

Effective termite services Arizona treatment methods must be specific to the invading species.  For example treating the soil around the foundation of a home will do little to stop flying termites or Western Drywoods that nest above ground deep within the wood they infest.  That same treatment method will not stop Heterotermes nesting below an abutting slab or under the foundation.

Given the threat that these micro sized wood eaters present it’s no wonder that preventative type treatments may seem like the ideal way to head off destruction. However consumers should know that spending money on preventative services can be a waste and needlessly expose a household to harsh chemicals.

The best protection against termites is to get yearly inspections from an experienced exterminator. If and when a problem is discovered that is the time to consider a termite services Arizona method specific to the invading species.

If your home has termites, or you suspect the little monsters start with a free inspection from Arizona’s termite experts. If they are there…we’ll find ‘em and provide an affordable estimate for eradication. If no termites are found we can provide corrective suggestions to eliminate and/or correct conditions around your home that are conducive to future infestation.  Other than getting yearly inspections the best investment a homeowner can make is correcting conditions conducive to termites.  For more information about termite services Arizona give us a call.

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 2 reviews
by Russ & Linda Addy on Bills Pest Termite Control
Excellent Pest & Termite Control Services

We had termite Inspection completed and received the estimate and report from Paul. He was very complete in his inspection and what would be needed. Price quoted was very fair and the warranty is a plus. Today Michael arrived early and got started on the work as described.  He trenched all around the home also went under into the crawl space with the liquid. Drilled and treated and filled the holes. Michael did a Very timely and thorough job today. We feel Blessed by the staff at Bill's Termite control.

 We Certainly will hire them again and let others know what a fine company they are to work with.

 Five  stars for sure from the office staff to the field workers. Thank You All    Russ and Linda Addy

by Mandy S, Phoenix Az on Bills Pest Termite Control
Professional Termite service

Thanks to the crew Paul sent out.  They were hardworking and did an excellent job getting rid of our termites.