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 The best protection against certain attack is a yearly termite inspection.”

They come in all sizes, shapes, colors and species. In fact we are home to at least 17 different types including the most destructive species found in North America. Depending upon the species your home can be invaded from outside, underground, via flight or inadvertently carried in. When it comes to termite damage it is no wonder that Arizona has a national reputation.

Damage repair estimates run into the billions of dollars every year. Everyday 1000s of homes across the Valley of the Sun come under attack and because of the cryptic nature of these critters many of these infestations will go years before the resulting damage signals their presence. Getting a termite inspection may well be your best defense against destruction.

Given the daily threat it is understandable that the average homeowner wants to be proactive and stop any infestation before it starts. Spending 100s-1000s on preventative type termite treatments is not necessarily a wise response. For example treating the soil around a home does an excellent job of stopping ground based termites but provides little protection against Western Dry wood termites. Stopping an infestation requires properly identifying the invading termite(s) and prescribing a service specific to that species. Because Arizona termites are different successful treatments are not “cookie cutter” services. Spending hard earned money on preventative type services is a gamble, can leave a homeowner with a false sense of security and needless exposure to hundreds of gallons worth of pesticides.

The best defense against their destructive nature is a termite inspection. Not all termites are the same…nor are the service(s) designed to protect your home. Treatments designed for ground based termites offer little, if any protection against flying termites or other species. Preventative type services can be a waste of money and create needless exposure to harsh chemicals. Have a yearly termite inspection by a trained and experienced exterminator can lead to the early detection of a hidden infestation saving a homeowner thousands of dollars worth of damage repairs. Additionally, a good inspector will identify areas that are conducive to future termite infestation. Correcting conditions that favor nesting around your home is often a better investment than preventative chemical services.

Because they are different the inspector should be familiar with all species and the unique tell tale signs of infestation. Inexperienced inspectors often miss the subtle signs of infestation by less common types leaving homeowners with future damage repair costs. Even homes recently serviced should have regular termite inspections to ensure the service is still working and that other species have not invaded.

If you’re buying a home in Arizona getting a termite inspection report is a no-brainer. A termite inspection report can indicate:

  • Presence of termites
  • Identify the type of termite(s)
  • Evidence of past termite activity
  • Visual evidence of previous termite treatment(s)
  • Termite damage
  • Conditions conducive to future infestation

Arizona termite reports are a minimum of three pages. Two pages of written information with a detailed diagram attached as the third page. More detailed reports will include pictures.  A Wood Destroying Insect Inspection report (WDIIR) should contain all the pest related information a home buyer needs to make the right decision.  Reports should be ordered and completed within 10 days of the Sellers acceptance of offer to purchase.  Notice of action or request for additional information must be completed during the initial 10 day inspection period.  Buyers should carefully review all three pages of the report as typically there is no warranty provided for this inspection.

Bills Termite Control Phoenix is Arizona’s experts providing safe, effective pest control services for your home or business at affordable rates. Bills Termite Control Phoenix has been a trusted name in exterminator services for nearly three decades. Recommended by local realtors, title companies and home inspectors we’re the professionals that other exterminators call with they encounter an infestation beyond their resources. Family owned and locally operated…Bills Termite Control Phoenix is your hometown exterminator. For more information about termite inspection or termite inspector services give us a call.

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Ethical Exterminator

The buyers of our home produced a report saying we were infested with termites and needed to pay $1300 for repairs. We could not see any termites around our home. When we called that exterminator back he could not find the termites and accused us of painting over them. Our realtor called another exterminator who claimed we had termites in our garage. Funny thing is we were not home and he could not get inside our home and garage. When he came back he couldn’t find the termites in the garage and thought maybe he had confused our home with another. Disgusted we decided to research exterminators and selected Bill’s Termite to give us an honest assessment. A nice young man from Bill’s showed up on time and thoroughly inspected our home inside and out. He reported no termites and informed us that we had an existing 5 year termite warranty from our builder. Bill’s refused to accept any payment for their service and time. Apparently they offer second opinions as a free service. It’s a breath of fresh air to find a ethical business that lives up to it’s online reputation

Honest Phoenix Pest Control

When the wife found flying bugs on our back porch we thought we had termites. We called four exterminators, one never showed for our appointment and two left $1000 plus quotes to treat our home for termites. The inspector from Bills was the last to show up. He thoroughly checked our home and did not find any termites. He was able to identify the flying bugs as ant swarmers and was able to locate the source in our backyard. He was also able to determine our home was still under the builders warranty so if we had termites it would be covered. Bills saved us $1000's on an unneeded termite treatment. It pays to call someone that is honest and knows what they are doing.

Good Honest People

My husband thought he saw termites around our home. We called two pest inspectors. The first pest guy gave us a quote for $700 and said we needed to hurry and fumigate. Bill from Bill's Pest came out and was very nice. He pointed out what my husband was seeing was cricket droppings and not termites. Bill also informed us that we had an existing termite warranty and gave us that information in case we get termites in the future. Bill saved us alot of money at a time when everything is tight. Thanks bill's

Great job Casey!

I did my research the first time I saw a termite tunnel at my home. Bills Pest and Termite truly live up to their reputation and excellent reviews. Bill showed up first (and on time) to do the first inspection and give me the bad news, yes, I had termites, but the process of getting rid of them was affordable and almost painless.Casey has been in charge of treatments and is always very punctual, friendly and professional. He answered all the questions I had and was very patient even when I was freaking out a bit (first time with termites). I am moving and I would be very happy if he was assigned to treat my new property.Lisa has handled all my questions promptly and with courtesy. I feel very confident recommending this company and will use them every time I require this type of service.Many other reviews thank other company employees, overall it seems you cannot go wrong calling them.

Thorough, knowledgeable, friendly, priced right

I found them online. James came to the house, and he was very friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable. The price was very reasonable. I would definitely recommend them.