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Best Termite Control Carefree Az – If you have a problem with termites, do not ignore it.  The problem will not go away.  Getting rid of termites and keeping them away is the job of a professional exterminator.  Get help today from your hometown termite control Carefree Az exterminator – Bills Pest Termite Control.  our services are safe, effective and affordable.  Most services include a renewable warranty so our customers have peace of mind knowing that if the critters come back, we come back.

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“Not all termites in Carefree are the same and not all will be a threat to your home!”

Being proactive with the best termite control Carefree Az service available can protect your biggest investment: your home. However, if your home is already infested, it is critical to seek the best exterminator available to ensure your home is treated effectively and efficiently. Termite infestation costs run into the billions every year in Arizona. Homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover the cost to eradicate the little buggers or the associated repairs.

Before you can decide what the best termite control Carefree Az service is for your home, it’s critical to properly identify what type of critters you have.  As surprising as it may sound…not all termites will be a threat to your home, cost 100s-1000s to eradicate, and/or require the application of 100s of gallons in harsh chemicals.

Spending hard earned money on an ineffective service can be a bummer and needlessly expose a household to pesticides while leaving the consumer with a false sense of security.

Carefree Termite Control

Termite Treatment Carefree AzIn Arizona, there are 17 different types of termites. Each species is unique and may require dramatically different service methods to eliminate.

Subterranean type termites are the most common termite threat in Carefree. As underground dwellers, they tunnel upward through the soil to attack the wooden frame of your home, often leaving mud tunnels on the surfaces that they cannot eat through. Subterranean type termites live in colonies that can house thousands to hundreds of thousands of these micro sized insects. Populations will vary by species, location and age of the colony. These cryptic labors work 24 hours a day from the inside out and are often difficult to detect since 80 percent of the wood they eat is hidden within the walls.

Drywood termites produce small bun-shaped pellets as excrement. This often accumulates in small piles on surfaces directly below infested areas. Evidence of activity can include small pin holes (kick holes) in the surface of the infested area and the droppings accumulating below. Winged termites, called swarmers, might also be observed during the height of the summer heat. The adults swarm to reproduce and start new infestations in other areas of the structure.

Dampwood termites are native to Arizona and physically larger than most other types. Mature colonies can create a lot of damage seemingly overnight.  Effective termite control Carefree Az treatments should include correcting moisture conditions that attract these little monsters.

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Pest Control trained techniciansTermite control Carefree Az services is best left to experts trained and experience to properly safeguard your home against termites and ensure that any pesticides are applied safely to protect your household. Furthermore, expert exterminators generally use a combination of methods depending on the home and type of infestation.

Termites exhibit continuous and random foraging behavior, so even when they have found a good source for food, they constantly look for more. Using new non-repellent products, meaning it doesn’t kill the termites immediately. Rather, it works slowly so that the termites that come in contact with the agent can carry it to other termites throughout the rest of the colony.

With this termite treatment, a trained technician creates a trench in soil areas and carefully drills through slab areas around the perimeter of your home, and then applies a highly effective liquid agent. The control agent is picked up by termites (on their bodies) as they forage through the treated soil and then transferred to other termites in the colony.

Servicing methods for drywood termite infestations can vary by infestation. Small infestations can be eliminated without pesticides and by removing infested wood.  Larger infestations can by eliminated with direct liquid on wood applications, through heat treatments or tent fumigations.  It’s best to have a professional evaluate the infestation to determine the best method.

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Some homeowners may be concerned about the initial termite treatment cost; however, if your home is infested it is important to eliminate the critters before they cause more damage. Expert exterminators are trained to accurately inspect a home and determine the best option(s).

Regardless of the selected method consumers are best served by having their home inspected at least once a year. Yearly inspections can determine if an existing service is still effective and detect the presence of another species.

Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown termite control Carefree Az exterminator.  We provide free inspections and yearly evaluations.  For more information about termite control Carefree Az services give us a call.

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Carefree Termite Control


Best Termite Control Carefree Az
  • Best Termite Control Carefree Az

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