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Termite Companies – With over 17 species of wood destroying termites in Arizona it’s just a matter of time until a homeowner will need to Google termite companies. Currently the State of Arizona has over 300 active licenses issued to termite companies. Termite Control in Arizona is serious business and consumers should be cautioned…not all termite companies are equal. Termite Treatment.

Every year unsuspecting homeowners pay for termite control services to unlicensed exterminators. It takes a trained and experienced exterminator to stop the destruction Arizona termites can unleash. Not all Arizona exterminators are licensed to perform termite treatment and/or termite inspection services. A general pest control license is not acceptable for termite related work. Experience, training, and insurance requirements are different for obtaining a license to perform termite control services in Arizona.Signs of termites

Of the 300+ licensed termite companies about 2/3rds (200) are located in the Phoenix metro area. Many of those do not actively engage in termite treatment services. The majority perform sporadic termite treatments as the need arises. Phoenix area homeowners have few choices when looking for an expert exterminator with years of experience gathered on a daily basis.

Bill’s Termite Control is Arizona’s termite experts. We have the experienced gathered on a daily basis for nearly three generations to identify and eliminate all 17 species of Arizona termites. Family owned and locally operated by Arizona natives familiar with the unique termites that inhabit our Sonoran Desert. We are the experts that other exterminators call upon when they encounter a termite infestation beyond their resources.

best termite treatment companiesBills Pest Termite Control recommends that every home in the Phoenix area by inspected at least once a year…whether it has recently been treated or not. Not all Arizona termites are the same. While our more common termites will invade from underground…several species can invade via flight or be imported through infested wood. Effective termite treatment methods to control one type of termite offers little protection against other species. The best protection against termite destruction is a yearly termite inspection by an experienced termite inspector. Bill’s Termite Control has been providing free yearly termite inspections for over two decades. Order you free termite inspection online here…or call 602.308.4510. An experienced termite inspector can detect the presence of Arizona termites, hidden damage and offer advice to prevent future infestation

When and/or if you get Arizona termites…don’t panic. Not all termites are the same and not all species will be a threat to your home. The first step is to call upon an experienced termite inspector to confirm if you have them and to properly identify the invading species. Identification is critical to prescribing a proper termite treatment and selecting the most effective termiticide. If a termite treatment is necessary our termite inspector will prescribe a custom service based upon the invading species, home construction, surrounding environment and safety considerations. All at no charge! For more information about Arizona termites call us @ 602.308.4510.

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