$50 Termite Inspection Report

$50 Termite Inspection Report

Order Termite Inspection ReportGet a $50 Termite Inspection Report for your hometown exterminator and Arizona’s Termite Experts.  We provide an array of inspection services including inspection reports for real estate, refinance, yearly inspections for concerned homeowners, second opinions and estimates for treatment services.  If you are in need of termite services we can help.

“Buying a home in Arizona without a termite inspection report is like playing Russian roulette with a loaded gun!” 

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If you think the experience of finding the right home to purchase can be exhausting, wait until you get into the buying/finance phase. It can be overwhelming, if not annoying. It seems the request for this and that information is never ending. Lenders want inspections of the home to verify the value and assist in making the right mortgage decisions. Termites are a serious issue in Arizona.  Three out of every 10 homes we inspect have evidence of termite activity.  You have a better chance of winning the lottery than avoiding termites in Arizona.

Getting a “clear” termite inspection report is often a condition of a lender before they grant a home loan. In Arizona a consumer is best served getting a termite inspection report whether required or not. A good realtor should educate the buyer as to the importance of getting a termite inspection before signing off on a purchase.

It’s important for the buyers to carefully review both the home and termite inspection reports. These should be two separate reports prepared by certified professionals in their respective field. It’s not advisable to use one inspector to complete both reports. Remember two sets of eyes will always trump one set and it’s better to have a specialist in each field as opposed to a generalist. This is especially true when you’re considering making a commitment to borrowing more money than we make in a year and promising to pay it back over a few decades.

Bills Pest Termite Control is Arizona’s termite experts and we provide $50 Termite Inspection Report services for real estate transactions.

Order Termite ReportNo homeowner wants to discover after the fact that the home they purchase is riddle with termites and/or has damage that will require costly repairs. Termite infestations and/or damage can diminish a home’s resale value and must be disclosed to potential buyers according to Arizona Law.

Getting a $50 Termite Inspection Report from Bills Pest Termite Control can help a potential home buyer make the right purchasing decision.

Our termite experts can provide a computer generated report complete with a detailed diagram listing evidence of termite activity, damage, evidence of past infestation, and conditions conducive to future infestation. We can provide suggestions to correct conditions conducive to future infestation and offer customized solutions to current infestations.

Bills Pest Termite Control reports can be available electronically upon completion of the inspection and will be emailed to all interested parties.

Besides providing $50 Termite Inspection Report services, Bills Pest Termite Control offers FREE SECOND OPINIONS. So if you are suspect about another termite report or inspectors findings we can provide verification and/or another opinion.

For more information about $50 Termite Inspection Reports or to order the service give us a call today.

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Termite Inspection Report

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by Mckenzie G, Mesa Az on Bills Pest Termite Control
$50 Termite Report

Special thanks to Jon - he is our savior!  Called Bill's Termite when the buyers home inspector reported possible termites.  Possible termites WTH!? Would have been nice to either report yes termites or no.  We decided to call Bill's Termite for an expert opinion.  Sure enough we did not have termites. Spending $50 for a termite report is better than spending $1000's on a treatment that was not needed.