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“Sooner or later every home in Phoenix will get termites…at least once!”

Termite Treatment quoteGot termites? Arizona and the Sonoran Desert are home to at least 17 species of termites. If you have or suspect termites don’t panic not all species will be a threat to your home.  Only a few of these species will regularly invade a home or business. If not eliminated…termites can cause major structural damage and decrease a home’s value. It’s estimated that everyday 1000’s of homeowners across the valley unknowingly come under attack from termites.  Sooner or later just about every homeowner will have a need for Termite Control Phoenix services.  In the mean time your best protection against the destruction hidden termites can bring is a yearly termite inspection.

Termite Inspection Phoenix – your best protection!

The best protection is to have yearly inspections by an experienced Phoenix exterminator familiar with all types of termites found in Arizona. A good termite inspector can detect hidden infestations/damage and identify conditions conducive that need to be corrected. Correcting conditions around your home is an important step to keep termites away.  Preventative type termite treatment services may protect against a few species and leave homeowners with a false sense of security.  Bills Pest Termite Control provides free termite inspection Phoenix services call to order at 602.308.4510.

Do I need a Termite Treatment Phoenix?

If, and when termites are found…it’s important to properly identify the invading species in order to select the proper termite treatment Phoenix control methods. Failure to properly identify the infesting species may result in ineffective service(s), wasted money and unnecessary exposure to hundreds of gallons of termiticides. Unfortunately, not all termites are the same, nor is every home. Cookie-cutter style termite treatment services often result in continued infestations and structural damage. Experienced inspectors can easily identify the infesting species, know their habits and prescribe an effective termite treatment. Depending upon the target species treatment methods and products can vary.  Get a quote for termite control Phoenix services online or call for a Termite Treatment Phoenix price at 602.308.4510.

Bills Pest Termite Control = Hometown Exterminator

Order Free Termite InspectionBills Pest Termite Control is your hometown exterminator providing safe, effective extermination services at affordable rates. Family owned and locally operated by Arizona natives familiar with all species of termites found in Arizona. Bills Pest Termite Control is recommended by local realtors, property managers, and our competition when they encounter a termite problem beyond their resources. We are your Phoenix termite control experts!

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Bills Termite Control Phoenix has been a trusted Phoenix exterminator for three generations. You can trust that we will only recommend the service(s) you need, use the safest most effective products and guarantee our work. No hidden charges, fees or fine print escape clauses.  Family owned and locally operated we are the experts that other Phoenix exterminators call upon when they encounter an infestation beyond their resources. “We’ll treat you like family!”

Bills Pest Termite Control provides free yearly termite inspection Phoenix services, second opinions and termite treatment Phoenix estimates. Order a FREE ESTIMATE for Phoenix Termite Control online today.

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Check out this 5 star review by Deb Hawkins: I scheduled a termite inspection - knowing that we already had termites :) - to be done based on the excellent reviews that Bills had. Jon showed up at our door and immediately put us at ease. After the :meet and greet', he started with his inspection throughout the exterior and interior of the house. Once that was done, he took the time to educate my husband and myself on the various types of termites, what type we had, and what could be done about them. Based off of the reviews that we had read, we decided to hire Bills for the work. The two gentlemen who did the treatment, arrived on time and immediately got to work. They were at our home for about 4 hours and were busy the entire time. That was a few weeks ago and so far, so good. No more termites! Bills Pest Termite Control
Check out this 5 star review by Sara Olds: I would highly recommend Bills Pest and Termite Control for extermination and termite needs. We have used the company for both. We have been customers for a couple of years and have been highly satisfied. The technicians are very friendly and knowledgeable. Any issues or concerns that we have are addressed and taken care of promptly. They are always very thorough, and spray inside and outside as well as lay down glue boards where appropriate. If any area needs extra attention, the technician goes above and beyond to make sure that everything is taken care of. Also, I appreciate that we are given a specific time for our appointments, instead of a window in which they will be there. They are always on time, and if for any reason they are running behind schedule, I always receive a phone call. I also know at the end of each appointment when next months appointment is scheduled for. Their prices are reasonable and I feel we always receive stellar service from them. Highly recommended! http://billstermiteco.com
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Bills Pest Termite Control - Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown Phoenix exterminator providing safe, effective pest control services for your home or business at affordable rates.  Family owned and locally operated Bills
Check out this 5 star review by Sylvia Wahl: I was very happy with your service. I have had my home serviced by 4 different companies over the last 25 years and yours by far was the best. Johnathan was very thorough and knowledgeable in his inspection. Michael did a fantastic job applying the product. He too was very thorough and knowledgeable. After completion of the job everything was neat and cleaned. The price for the treatment was reasonable. I would highly recommend Bills Pest & Termite Control. Great Job. http://billstermiteco.com
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Bills Pest Termite Control - Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown Phoenix exterminator providing safe, effective pest control services for your home or business at affordable rates.  Family owned and locally operated Bills
Check out this 5 star review by Gin Baccelli: Great job and will definitely use these guys again when needed. Great customer service and took care of "business"!
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Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown Phoenix area exterminator providing safe effective Pest...
Check out this 5 star review by Gin B.: Very professional and did an outstanding job to kill termites. Absolutely will use again for maintanence. Thanks guys! Awesome job!
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