Tentless termite treatment

Tentless Termite Treatment

Tentless termite treatmentTentless Termite Treatment 

“Effective treatment methods for Western Drywood termites are not cookie cutter services.”

Order Free Termite InspectionChances are that if landed on this page, you live in the Phoenix area and your researching treatment options for dry wood termites. Arizona is home to several unique species of termites one of which is the Western Dry wood. Unlike the more common subterranean type termites, dry woods generally do not nest underground or in soil. Conventional soil treatments that are effective against subterranean termites provide little protection against this unique species. In fact drywood termites prefer to nest within the wood they are feasting on while subterranean types live underground.

The average infestation starts during the swarm season (June-August) with airborne reproductive’s seeking exposed wood to start a colony. Winged swarmers emerge from mature colonies that may be nesting in nearby wood or neighborhood trees at dawn or dusk. Often referred to as the “flying termite” they can be unknowingly brought into homes concealed within infested wood items or furniture.

Drywood termite swarmersColonies start with two reproductive’s and usually peak in population within 7-10 years. During that time the colony, under ideal conditions, can grow to several hundred before reaching thousands upon maturity. Because of their cryptic nature and their ability to nest within wood, they are rarely seen. In fact the first visible signs of infestation do not occur until shortly before the colony reaches maturity and they begin pushing fecal pellets out of the nest. Homeowners typically begin seeing small reoccurring piles of fecal pellets, become suspicious and eventually call in an experienced exterminator.

Acceptable treatment methods include complete tent fumigation, removal of infested wood, liquid, heat or electrical treatments. All these options can in the right situation be the best choice for a homeowner. Before considering any treatment a thorough inspection should be completed by an experienced exterminator. It is important to locate all areas of infestation, identify conditions conducive to nesting termites and other conditions that may dictate the best service options. Effective dry wood termite treatments are not cookie-cutter.

Tent Fumigation 

Tent Fumigation if properly done will eliminate the entire colony. That is the good news. The bad news is that it can be expensive, a drawn out process, provide no protection against reinfestation and may not be necessary. Tent fumigations require the homeowner to vacate for 3-4 days and remove a laundry list of items before the service. If a home has multiple colonies and the nesting areas are difficult to access tent fumigation is usually the best option.

Tentless Treatment Option(s) 

Drywood termite treatment

If the infestation is isolated to one small area, homeowners may consider carefully removing the infested wood and replacing it with treated products. This can be the most cost effective manner to eliminate an infestation.

Treating infested wood is a wise choice when this option is available. This Tentless termite treatment option provides the best balance of getting rid of the infestation and providing long term protection against re-infestation. It requires access to infested areas and provides long term protection against re-infestation. Depending upon the areas needing service this option can be completed for a quarter to half the cost of tent fumigation. Homeowners may incur additional costs to remove drywall and replace damaged wood.

Boracare termite controlWhen considering liquid tentless termite treatment services consumers need to be aware of the proposed product that will be used and the method of application. Application is critical because dry wood termites nest deep within the wood and using just any product that kills termites is not enough. The product must penetrate to the center of the infested wood if you want to completely eliminate the threat. Given Arizona’s dry climate few products even when properly applied will reach nesting termites.

Popular products like Termidor, and Premise 75 will kill all types of termites upon contact, but will rarely penetrate a two by four by more than a ¼ inch. In most cases using natural borate products will penetrate to the core of the infested wood and provide long term protection against reinfestation.

In order for a liquid termite treatment to be most effective the exterminator should have direct access to infested areas. This usually entails removing drywall or paneling. Foam applications thorough drywall is not advised and rarely effective as these products will not reach nesting areas.

Electrical and heat treatments can be extremely effective in the right circumstances. Unfortunately the opportunities to use these methods are limited and if not properly done can be a recipe for continued damage. Costs for these types of service are consistent with liquid treatments and homeowners may incur additional costs to remove drywall or paneling.

Drywood Termites Phoenix ArizonaHomeowners faced with several 1000s in fumigation costs should carefully consider all options including tentless termite treatment. In most cases spending hard earned money on this type of service is not a wise investment. Consumers should seek out expert advice from experienced exterminators. Consideration should be given to getting rid of the termites and also getting a service that provides long term protection. Spending several thousand dollars to have your home fumigated and repeating the process every few years can be a bummer.

Drywood termites are destructive and when an infestation is discovered consumers should seek professional advice. Regardless of which treatment method is employed yearly inspections are critical. An experienced exterminator can determine if the service is effective and/or catch a new infestation. Discovering any infestation early can save a homeowner several thousand dollars in damage repair costs and diminish resale value.

Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown exterminator and Arizona’s Termite Experts. We provide safe, effective termite treatment services for your home or business at affordable rates. We provide free inspections and evaluations for all types of Arizona termites.

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Commercial Termite Control Mesa Az

Commercial Termite Control Mesa Az

Commercial Termite Control Mesa AzCommercial Termite Control Mesa Az

“Termites don’t care if it is a home or commercial building…if it has wood they will attack.” 

termite treatment mesa az quoteMesa is home to all 17 species of Arizona termites including the most destructive species in North America. Mesa termites need a steady supply of fresh wood to thrive. Unfortunately they do not distinguish between homes and commercial properties. If the structure has wood it will at some point come under attack by Mesa termites. As a result commercial and business properties are just as apt to be attacked and the demand for commercial termite control Mesa Az services has never been greater.

Unlike the average home many commercial properties have areas that are frequented by people. Storage areas and warehouses are often inaccessible resulting in large termite infestations that can go undetected for years if not decades. Professional Mesa exterminators recommend that every structure should have a yearly inspection. Yearly inspections can detect a problem before it becomes epidemic. Structures with a history or recently infestation should also be checked at least once a year. It is not uncommon for a infestation to continue in other areas after a service is completed.

Mesa Termite TreatmentNot all termites in Mesa are the same. They come in all sizes, shapes, colors and types. Depending upon the species they can invade via flight, from above ground, below ground or be inadvertently brought in from infested wood, furniture or shipments. Effective elimination methods must be specific to the target species. In recent years as the business community has become more international it is not uncommon for a business to receive shipments containing wood destroying insects from different parts of the world. In those situations it is best to get a professional involved ASAP.

Termite Inspections in Mesa 

Termite Inspection Mesa AzYearly termite inspections in Mesa are free. Even if a problem is not found, areas that are conducive to future infestation can be pointed out and corrected. This action alone may be enough to keep termites away. In general preventative type services are a waste of funds and can leave a false sense of security. Money spend on preventative treatment to keep subterranean termites away will not stop Western Dry wood termites or the many other species. Preventative type services can also needlessly expose employees and customers to 100-1000s of gallons pesticides.

The best time to consider a termite treatment is when a problem is discovered. Successfully eliminating them requires targeting the specific species with the proper products and methods. Consideration must also be given to the accessibility of areas needing service and the construction style of the structure. Business owners face daily liabilities so careful consideration must be given to the safety of products, application methods and potential exposure. Timing of service to avoid disruptions is also important.

After the service is completed it will be important that a warranty is maintained and that yearly inspections will be conducted. Yearly inspections can monitor the effectiveness of the service and ensure another species has not invaded. Service agreements should provide for free service to areas not initially treated.

Trusted Mesa Exterminator

Termite Treatment MesaBills Termite Control is your hometown Mesa exterminator providing safe, effective services for commercial properties at affordable rates. Recommended by business owners across the valley, we are the experts that other exterminators call upon when they encounter an infestation beyond their resources. Bills Termite Control has been a trusted name in Mesa termite control for three generations. That trust gives you peace of mind that your infestation will be totally eliminated and in the unlikely event the critters return…we will come back.

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Residential Termite Control in Mesa Az

Residential Termite Control in Mesa Az

Residential Termite Control in Mesa AzResidential Termite Control in Mesa Az

“Everyday 100s of  homes come under attack from Mesa termites.”

termite treatment mesa az quoteGot termites? If you don’t already have them…you will eventually. Mesa is the Grand Canyon State’s third largest city and home to all 17 species of Arizona termites. Every day 100s of Mesa area homes come under attack from one or more species. Because of the cryptic nature many of these infestations will go years and maybe decades before visible structural damage signals their presence. Estimates of yearly damage caused in the Mesa area is nearly a billion dollars. This does not include loss of resale value that many homes will experience. Residential Termite Control in Mesa Az services are in demand.

Mesa Termites

Mesa termites come in all sizes, shapes, colors and types. Depending upon the species the attack can come from above ground, via flight, be inadvertently brought in or they can secretly tunnel in from underground. Even more frightening is that more than one species can attack the same home simultaneously. Homeowners looking to protect their most prized possession…their home…often needlessly shell out thousands of dollars in preventative type services. More often preventative type services will be a waste of hard earned money.

Mesa Termite Inspection

Termite Inspection Mesa AzIt’s understandable that a homeowner wants to be proactive and stop any threat dead in its tracks. To protect your home the best approach is to get a yearly Mesa termite inspection. A good inspection should uncover any visible evidence of infestation and point out areas around your home that are conducive to future infestation. If no evidence is found correcting conditions around your home that invite nesting termites is a great investment. Often this is all a homeowner has to do to keep these critters away.

Because not all termites in Mesa are the same, effective services will vary by species and unfortunately there is not one treatment that protects against all types of Mesa termites. For example treating the soil along the outside foundation is effective for stopping most subterranean types of termites in that area, however it will do little, if anything to deter a Western Dry wood termite infestation. That same service done on the outside provides little protection from Heterotermes or Western Damp wood termites. Since effective Mesa termite treatments are specific to each species, properly identifying the target species is critical to eliminating any infestation. Paying for a preventative type termite treatment can be a waste of hard earned money, leave a consumer with a false sense of security and needless exposure to harsh pesticides.

Mesa Exterminators

Mesa Termite TreatmentConsumers are cautioned…just as termites are different…not all exterminators are the same. Most Mesa exterminators are only licensed and experienced with General pests. These exterminators have little if any knowledge about Mesa termites. Even exterminators with a termite license should be carefully screened as not many have experience/training dealing with all types of termites in Mesa. Without this necessary training and/or experience most exterminators will miss the subtle signs of infestation left by less common types of Mesa termites. Missing an active infestation is a recipe for disaster.

Getting a yearly termite inspection and correcting conditions conducive to infestation are the best steps a homeowner can take to protect their home. If and when they’re found is the time to consider a Mesa termite treatment service. The right service should be specific to the invading species with consideration given to the construction type of the home and surrounding environment. The service should include periodic follow up inspections and provisions for continued service should re-infestation occur. Yearly follow up inspections to ensure the service is effective and that another species has not invaded is critical. Consumers purchasing long term treatment warranties are advised to ensure yearly inspections are included in the service.

Mesa Termite Treatments

Termites Mesa AzLicensed exterminators are required to use only products designed for the targeted pest. All products approved for termite control will kill termites effectively. Consumers often get sidetracked in their quest to get rid of termites by focusing on which brand product the exterminator uses. Prices on products designed to kill termites are all over the board. Products like Termidor which are heavily marketed can run 5-10 times the cost of other effective products. Differences in these products are how they kill. Lower cost products typically kill upon contact, while other products like Premise 75 and Termidor kill off the colony in a slow and methodical manner.

Consumers are better served by focusing on the application methods as using the best and/or most expensive product is of no value if it is not properly mixed and/or applied. Using a product a quarter of the cost that is properly mixed and applied is a better value. Homeowners should also inquire about how long the product will provide protection. Using the best and most expensive product is not such a good deal if you have to pay for another application every 3-5 years.

There is little correlation between the price of a termiticide, effectiveness and long term residual. The price of a termite control product is typically determined by how long it has been on the market, if any generic versions are available and/or if there is a competitive product. In short paying for a more expensive termiticide can be a waste of money.

Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown Mesa Exterminator providing safe, effective services for your home or business at affordable rates. Recommended by local realtors, home inspectors, title companies and our competitors when they encounter an infestation beyond their resources. Homeowners can order a free termite inspection online here or call 480.831.0544 We are Mesa’s Termite Experts.

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Termite Pretreatment Phoenix

Termite Pretreatment Phoenix

Termite Pretreatment PhoenixTermite Pretreatment Phoenix

“If your building in Arizona getting a termite pretreatment should be a no-brainer!” 

free termite treatment quoteWhen it comes to termites Phoenix has a national reputation. If fact we are home to at least 17 different types including the most destructive found in North America (Heterotermes). Arizona termites come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Depending upon the species they can attack from above ground, underground or by air. In some cases a homeowner can unwittingly import an infestation into their home. Arizona termites are responsible for billions of dollars in damage every year. Everyday 1000s of homes across the valley come under attack. Even more frightening is that because of their cryptic nature many of these infestations will go years and/or decades before discovery. Often the first evidence of infestation is when the resulting damage becomes visible. Consumers building new homes should consider contracting a good termite pretreatment Phoenix service prior to starting construction.

Termite Treatment 

phoenix pretreatment serviceTreating the soil around and under a home as it is being constructed is a great way of protecting against certain attack from ground based termites. Saturating the soil with a good termiticide before pouring the concrete foundation and abutting slabs can provide years of protection. Typically a termite pretreatment Phoenix service requires two visits. The State of Arizona requires that a small trench be dug along both sides of the foundation and 4 gallons of product be applied for every 10 linear feet of footer. Additionally, the ground must be treated with 1 gallon of product under every 10 square feet of foundation floor. When construction has been completed and outside landscaping is in place the soil around the outside is trenched to allow the application of product at 4 gallons per 10 linear feet of foundation. This is called the final grade service. Consumers are advised to ensure this critical step is not forgotten or missed as this application ensures long term protection.

As of 2014 the State of Arizona requires any exterminator providing pretreatment services to provide a 3 year warranty. This means that if during that period termites infest the exterminator must provide termite treatment services at no charge.

Soil treatments for new construction have been standard for nearly 50 years. Average size homes can require 200-400 gallons of finished product when properly serviced. It provides protection against most ground based termite species which commonly invade homes. Consumers should understand that this type of service does not provide protection against Western Dry wood termites and other species. Homeowners looking for better protection often opt for a combination soil and above ground wood treatment. Treating above ground wood during the framing process provides protection from all types of termites and wood boring insects.

Boracare termite controlUsing green board or pressure treated wood became popular in the last 10-15 years. However consumers are discovering that termites will tunnel right over that wood to get at untreated lumber. Borate treatments to wood members are a better solution resulting in stopping termite infestations dead in their tracks. Borate treatments are a great choice for consumers looking for natural or green products. Additionally borate applications can provide many more years of protection than conventional soil treatments.

Trusted Termite Exterminator 

Phoenix Termite PretreatmentBills Pest Termite Control is your hometown termite exterminator providing safe, effective pest control services for your home or business at affordable rates. Bills has been a trusted name in Phoenix Termite Control for three generations. That trust brings peace of mind that your service will be completed in a professional manner by an experienced technician. Bills Pest Termite Control is recommended by local realtors, title companies, home inspectors and our competition when they encounter an infestation beyond their resources. We provide complete termite treatment services, inspections, reports, second opinions and total elimination. Most services include a written warranty so you’re assured that if the pests come back…we come back. Bills Pest Termite Control is Arizona’s termite experts.

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Termite Extermination

Termite Extermination

Termite ExterminationTermite Extermination

“Arizona has a national reputation when it comes to termites!”

free termite treatment quoteGot termites? If so you’re not alone…everyday thousands of homes come under attack from Arizona termites. Even more frightening is that termites are cryptic and many of these infestations will go years before being detected. Often the first sign of a termite infestation for a homeowner is when they discover damage. By then it may be too late. The threat of termite damage is real and runs into the billions of dollars every year. That’s more than all natural disasters combined and Arizona is no exception. In fact we have a nationwide reputation for having ruthless termites and one of the most destructive termite species thrives right here in the Sonoran Desert.

Mild winter temperatures, wet spring and monsoon seasons create ideal conditions for large colonies of termites to thrive. In years past limited nesting areas, competition for moisture and food sources kept colonies in check. As homes began to spring up in desert areas termite populations began to grow to unprecedented levels. Introducing homes to virgin desert areas created new nesting areas, access to moisture and an abundance of food sources (the wood in your home). Each new home created another opportunity for ever increasing termite colonies. The demand for termite extermination services has never been greater in the Grand Canyon State.

Arizona Termites 

Arizona termitesThe average homeowner is not aware that Arizona termites come in all sizes, shapes, colors and species. They can attack from along the foundation, be imported, fly in or invade from underground. Arizona is home to 17 known species and fortunately for consumers not all will be a threat to your home or require an expensive termite extermination service to eliminate.

Unfortunately each species requires a specific type of treatment and may require different termiticides to effectively protect a structure. Termite extermination methods for the same species can vary depending upon construction style, accessibility, and surrounding environment. As a result preventative type treatments are not usually recommended unless the homeowner can accurately predict which species will infest, where and when. It should also be noted that home are often infested with multiple colonies and/or from different species. Consumers purchasing these types of services are often left with a false sense of security and needlessly exposed to harsh chemicals.

The best protection against the threat of termite damage is to get a yearly inspection. If and when an infestation is found a custom service should be prescribed based upon the species, areas of infestation, construction type, accessibility and surrounding environment.

Free Termite Inspection

Most exterminators provide FREE TERMITE INSPECTIONS. Consumers should use caution when selecting a termite exterminator as not all have the experience and training to recognize the subtle signs of infestation that less common types of termite’s exhibit. Every termite inspector can recognize dirt tubes along a stem wall and associate that with a termite infestation. Interestingly few can tell you the exact species or distinguish Western Dry wood termite fecal pellets from Cricket/Roach droppings. Even less are aware of the signs of Arizona’s Damp wood termites. Missing a termite infestation is a recipe for disaster.

Homes recently treated for termites should be inspected at least once a year to ensure the service is working and that another species has not invaded. Even with the most effective subterranean termite treatment termites are able to forage to untreated areas and re-infest a home in other locations. Homes that may not have active termites and with a history should also be inspected yearly.

Premise 75 or Termidor? 

Premise 75 or TermidorSales people have a tendency to draw consumers into the “this is the best termiticide” game as a means to gain an edge on competitors. Homeowners are better served when the place more importance on the application process. The “best” termiticide is worthless if not properly mixed, applied, or for designed to kill that species of termites. Another important aspect is residual. The “best” termiticide is not much of a bargain if it provides little protection beyond a few years and needs to be re-applied. All termiticides designed for termite control, from the cheapest to most expensive will stop a termite infestation if properly mixed and applied. Most of the differences in products are the mode of action, or how they kill termites. More expensive products like Termidor and Premise 75 kill with a transfer effect. Termites are social so when they come into contact with these products it is passed throughout the colony much like a virus. Less expensive products kill by contact. They are described as repellents because after large numbers are killed the rest of the colony avoids that area. In general repellants provide longer residual protection. Depending upon the target species both types of products can have advantages.

Termite Warranty 

bills pest termite controlRegardless of the product used or the target species it’s important that consumers get a termite warranty with any service. The warranty should provide for additional service(s) should the infestation persist and yearly inspections. Should the home be placed on the real estate market having a yearly inspection by a professional and existing warranty increases resale value. Consumers are cautioned to examine the fine print of the service agreement for hidden service fees, cancellations and non-renewal clauses. A 5 or 10 year warranty may look attractive to a homeowner when compared on the surface to a one year renewable warranty. In reality the later is usually a better long termite value as the consumer has no hidden fees, nor has to pay for another treatment every 5 or 10 years.

Bills Pest Termite Control is Arizona’s termite experts. Family owned and locally operated, we are the experts that other exterminators call upon when they encounter a termite infestation beyond their resources. As a trusted name in Phoenix termite control for three generations your assured of getting safe, effective service at affordable rates.

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