How to control termites

“If your home doesn’t have termites today…check tomorrow!”

how to control termitesGetting termites can be scary for any homeowner. The thought of termites eating away at one of your biggest investments can cause sleepless nights. Most of what you hear or read about Arizona termites is urban legend or less than factual.

Arizona is home to at least 17 species of termites. Only a few of our Arizona termite species will invade your home, often taking years to create the type of damage most people envision when hearing about termites.

When it comes to How to Control Termites the first step is to have a yearly termite inspection. Yearly termite inspections by an experienced inspector can detect a termite infestation in the early stages. A good termite inspector will point out areas conducive to termite infestation and make recommendations on correction. Correcting conditions conducive is the second step in How to Control Termites.

It’s important that the inspector have experience with all types of termites found in Arizona. An inexperienced inspector will often miss the presence of some of our less common termite species.

Bill’s Pest Termite Control provides free yearly termite inspections. Don’t wait take the first step in How to Control Termites order your inspection today.

If and when termites are found…it’s important to properly identify the invading species. Not all Arizona termites are the same, nor are the method(s) used to eliminate termites the same for every species. Mis-identification can result in wasted money on an in-effective treatment and the needless introduction of harsh chemicals around your home.

Bill’s Pest Termite Control provides free termite inspections and estimates for termite treatments. Our inspectors are among the most experienced and best trained in Arizona. All our inspectors are able to identify all species of termites found in Arizona. We are Arizona’s termite experts.

The third step in How to Control Termites is to get a good termite treatment if and when termites are found.

If your home has termites Bill’s Pest Termite Control will provide an inspection diagram listing area(s) of infestation, conditions conducive and proper treatment methods designed to eliminate your infestation. Not every home is the same, nor is every termite infestation. Bill’s will customize a termite treatment for your home. We will select the right product to eliminate the infestation while protecting your home for many years. Bill’s termite treatments are guaranteed and we will return once a year to re-inspect your property.

Bills Pest Termite Control has been a trusted name when it comes to How to Control Termites.  We are family owned and locally operated and provide safe effective termite control services for your home or business at affordable rates.  Bill’s will only offer the service(s) that you need…no up-selling or hidden fees.  Our prices are affordable and without the large overhead found in the National chains.  When you spend your hard earn money with a local business…you are assured your money stays in Phoenix.

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